AI & SaaS

This pavilion will be a platform showcasing India’s best startups in the AI and SaaS space. India has been a global IT services hub and is now seen as the next big destination for innovation in AI. The exhibition will be a vibrant showcase of AI & SaaS startups that are changing the course of the Indian tech sector. The conference will have insightful discussions covering topics such as AI-driven automation, machine learning algorithms, cloud-based SaaS platforms, and more. Join us at the AI & SaaS pavilion to unlock the potential of tomorrow's technologies, today.


India boasts a leading position in the production of vital crops and commodities, spanning rice and wheat, to fruits, vegetables, and more. However, challenges like fragmented landholdings and traditional farming methods persist, impacting yields and farmer livelihoods. This pavilion aims to highlight collaborative initiatives among the agricultural sector, agritech startups, and farmers. By fostering dialogue and showcasing innovative solutions, it seeks to ignite a transformative journey in farming and the agri sector in India.

B2B & Manufacturing

This pavilion will focus on the strategic imperatives and cutting-edge innovations reshaping B2B and manufacturing enterprises. Through engaging conference sessions, interactive panel discussions, and masterclasses, the pavilion will explore innovation and best practices in topics like GTM strategies for B2B startups, leveraging AI for competitive advantage, corporate governance, and more. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore innovative products and solutions as well as network with industry peers, investors, and forge strategic partnerships.

Biotech & Pharma

Biotech and healthtech have emerged as influential sectors globally, with Indian startups experiencing remarkable growth both domestically and internationally. The symbiotic relationship between technological innovation and the healthcare landscape has positioned India as a hub of pioneering solutions, with its startups playing a pivotal role in the global healthcare ecosystem. This pavilion will highlight India’s technological prowess in the biotech space through an exhibition of biotech startups and serve as a nexus for knowledge exchange and collaboration. Distinguished keynote speakers from the industry will share their insights, providing a holistic view of the current landscape and future trends. Interactive discussions, workshops, and masterclasses led by seasoned experts in the biotech and healthtech domains will offer invaluable learning experiences for attendees.

Deep Tech

Deep tech innovations not only hold immense economic potential but also promise to address critical global challenges such as education, climate change, and healthcare accessibility. To achieve this, the focus should be on championing deep tech product growth in India for the world. The conference in this pavilion will bring together visionary leaders who will shed light on the opportunities for Indian startups to excel on a global scale. The exhibition will feature deep tech startups showcasing their cutting-edge solutions, highlighting India's prowess in the field.

Climate Tech

The Climate Pavilion at Startup Mahakumbh will bring together leading climate-related startups, investors, government bodies, corporates, and ecosystem stakeholders seeking to play a role in India’s evolving sustainability landscape. The exhibition in this pavilion will showcase the best technologies and innovations from around the world that are relevant to addressing India’s climate issues. Going beyond traditional focus areas, this pavilion through conference deliberations and B2B interactions, aims to broaden perspectives on some of India’s major climate opportunities, including hydrogen, alternative fuels, energy storage, water management, regenerative agriculture, green buildings, plastics, and other pertinent areas.

D2C / Consumer / Platforms

The Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) sector emerges as a revolutionary force across various sectors like fintech, biotech, healthtech, agritech, deeptech, and gaming industries. In India, D2C is a transformative force, leveraging digital platforms for personalized consumer journeys. The D2C Pavilion will bring together innovators, VCs, business model creators, business coaches, and successful founders to discuss innovative trends and recount their success stories. The keynotes, panel discussions, and masterclasses in the conference will delve into topics like crafting impactful brands, building high-growth teams, GTM strategies, and tactics to operate and scale your startups, and so on. Innovative D2C brands will showcase their products and services in the vibrant Exhibition arena.

Gaming & Esports

At Startup Mahakumbh, the spotlight shines on esports, a sector experiencing explosive growth and popularity in India. With millions captivated by competitive gaming, fueled by a burgeoning youth population and accessible gaming platforms, esports has transcended into mainstream entertainment and competition. Corporate investments have played a pivotal role in fueling this growth, driving infrastructure development, prize money, and sponsorship opportunities, further solidifying esports' status in the country. At this pavilion, a unique cricket tournament will cater to the passion of young gamers, while investor meetings will boost collaborations in the sector. Dedicated masterclasses will enlighten the younger generation about diverse career opportunities within the esports industry, setting the stage for innovation and advancement in this dynamic field at Startup Mahakumbh.


With the rapid advancement of technology and a burgeoning digital ecosystem, fintech has emerged as a key driver of financial inclusion and economic growth in the country. One of the significant impacts of fintech in India has been the simplification of financial services, making them more accessible to a wider population through mobile banking, digital wallets, and peer-to-peer lending. Most of the startups are now focused on bringing personalization to financial products and services by adopting technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain. At Startup Mahakumbh’s Fintech Pavilion, attendees will experience the largest congregation of fintech startups showcasing groundbreaking digital solutions, complemented by captivating keynote speeches and insightful panel discussions. Esteemed experts and prominent leaders from the fintech sector will convene to deliberate on the latest technologies and trends that are driving the Indian fintech sector.

Incubators / Accelerators

Incubators play a pivotal role in nurturing startup growth, and the Incubators Pavilion aims to showcase the best practices and facilities offered by incubators across India. Through workshops, masterclasses, and panel discussions, the conference within this pavilion will facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration among upcoming and established incubators to enhance their services, infrastructure, and overall delivery. Additionally, roundtable discussions and sessions with venture capitalists will explore funding opportunities for both incubators and startups. The pavilion will also host competitions to recognize and celebrate the most innovative programs, practices, and startups within the ecosystem. Join us at the Incubators Pavilion to learn, network, and drive forward the future of startup incubation in India.

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